though i'm not perfect

in the summer of 2008, stacey sargeant found herself in rehearsals for a show, right across the street from the very place where the foundations of her dreams and body-image issues were planted, carnegie hall. she was in the dance ensemble of a new york city center production
having been discouraged from pursuing a career in the performing arts because she did not possess the "ideal" body type, stacey laughed at the irony of where she was…literally and figuratively. in that moment, she felt compelled to inspire others, young and old, towards pursuing their dreams regardless of the naysayers they may encounter in their lives.


as a result, the self-produced short documentary film, though i'm not perfect, was born, and went on to garner the honolulu film award for best educational film.


inspired by the response to her award-winning documentary, stacey created the building self-esteem to catch your dreams workshop, in which she teaches artists how to conquer their demons of self-doubt in order to achieve their wildest dreams.