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Buh Wha' Trouble Is Dis?


Tackling themes of racism, show business, and body image, and told in verse and prose, Buh Wha’ Trouble Is Dis? (or The Exhumation of MC Spice) is an autobiographical theatrical experience that explores how a first-generation daughter of Trinidadian immigrants growing up in 1980s East New York, Brooklyn, can embody her truest self, conquer her demons of self-doubt, and redefine beauty and success for herself despite the societal and entertainment industry standards. It was most recently workshopped at New York Theater Workshop's Dartmouth Residency, with Steve H. Broadnax III directing.

TV Pilot

Based on the autobiographical solo-show, Buh Wha’ Trouble Is Dis? is a half-hour dramedy about a Brooklyn-born, first-generation Trinidadian actress struggling with body-image and racism as she tries to find success.

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